Saturday 25 July 2009

Topical Rantings

It has been a while...

In the space of a week formula 2 driver Henry Surtees dies after being hit on the head by a rogue tyre... and formula 1's Felipa Massa got hit on the head by debris causes him to lose consciousness and crash... At first I was really against closed cockpit vehicles, it would just be a completely different sport. But two freak accidents in a week? Once is an occurence, Twice is notable, Three times is a pattern... Fingers crossed Max Mosley is next to get hit on the head by a broken car.

Moving on!

Going to keep this one short, by election results are just more evidence people want Gorgon out.

Stop having ago at Jeremy Clarkson everytime he calls Gordon Brown a cunt, its fact for fuck sake.

Also in the news?
Katie Price and Peter Andre? fuck off.
Kerry Katona and Mark nobody? fuck off.
Michael Jacksons doctor? fuck off.
Swine flu? fuck off

The list goes on...

On the note of swine flu, read a witty comment the other day: (this applies to uni students!)
"freshers week will be like a festival to aid the spread of swine flu" scarily correct me thinks.

Final note. Can we have a little riot outside Downing Street until the unelect fat scottish one resigns.

Pretty please :-]

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Yes We Should Ban the Burkhas

I'm not going to write a long ranting post, im just going to point out the facts.
  • Burkhas are oppressive and alienate women.
  • The Koran says women should dress 'moderately' (where the fuck did living inside a black fabric body bag come from?).
  • If we visit a mulsim country we have to dress as they want. (so clerics and other fucknuggets can't claim that banning the burkha is a racist act).
  • Many women are forced to wear a burkha against their will.
  • (As the French president has said) 'It is not a sign of religion, it is a sign of subservience.
  • It can be a security risk. If I walked into a bank in a burkha, no one would mind. If I walked into a bank wearing a balaclava the alarms would be going off before I could ask to withdraw some money.
  • Restricting for the wearer, in general everyday activities, jobs and socially
  • They are uncomfortable (according to various reporters, muslim reporters)
In summary really, I'm just scratching the surface of the problems with burkhas, my personal view is that they should be banned. If I were to travel to a muslim country I'm not allowed to drink or be half dressed. So claiming it is a religious right is bullshit as nowhere in the teachings of islam does it say women should where the burkha.

I don't normally agree with the French but on this one they've got it right.

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Tube Strike... Striking achieves NOTHING

Tube strikes are causing more havoc than a minor terrorist attack, without the fatalities. Nobody working in London is going to have a good journey to work when they can't take their usual route, and have this site waiting at the bus stop:

The tube workers want a payrise? What, now? When everyone else is feeling hard times because of a recession, getting their pay frozen at a low rate whilst tube workers (or their union) want a 5% payrise!?

Fuck off.

Then the other wheel in the works: the demand by the RMT to have 2 sacked employees reinstated.

1: Under investigation for alleged theft.
2: Pulling up at station and opening the wrong side doors of the train.

Sorry but if you can't tell which fucking side is left and which is right, then check what side the platform is on. If you can't even do that you fucking deserve to be fired. Because of the chaos caused by fears of no tubes last night, the train was once again RAMMED like a tin of sardines. IF the wrong doors had opened at that point in time a good hundred or so commuters would have tipped out of the carriage and down the side of the train?! reinstated? fuck off! if someone had got hurt he would be getting some form of anal probing from the authorities.

This two day strike is a joke, at the end of the day it achieves NOTHING. All it has done is hurt the fragile economy, fucked with people's lives, jobs and mornings.

And the best part of it all is that we are paying a hefty portion of our wages for the priveledge of using this service that is so reliable there's even an iphone app to check what lines are running, delayed or working.

Sort it the fuck out.

I want the tubes to run like clock work not like a one legged monkey.

[irony] I'm sure i'm not the only Londoner that is a huge fan of the Tube right now. [/irony]

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Egg on yer face Mr. Griffin?

Okay more like the back of your head than face, but that's good enough for me!

Thursday 4 June 2009

The Demise of Gordon Iminent?

Look Gordon!, that's a cabinet which is NOT broken.

Well hasn't a lot happened!

Just a quick note to say, if the broach Hazel Blears was wearing (about rocking the boat) was chosen on purpose, very nice touch! Cheeky little....

Back on topic... with the latest hot topic being an email calling for an uprising to de-throne the unelect one. See Below.

Earlier today, James Purnell resigning! and in the process of doing so calling for Gordon Brown to stand down!

From my point of view, Gordon Brown has now lost complete control, it's as if people are quitting to distance themselves from him. TBH I'd do the same. I don't know what good Gorgon has done for this country, if any. He's lost the publics confidence, and now his own cabinet's. At this stage, unless whoever replaces Gorgon is beyond AMAZING I don't think labour have a hope in hell of staying in power.

I read an interesting article, maybe in the Times or Telegraph, about Gordon walking into the house of commons and being really happy and smiley. But as things got worse, David Cameron making some negative comments, Gordon's smile got bigger and his 'mood' seemed to improve. To me, this shows he knows he's fucked. That is the sign of a man shitting his pants if there ever was one.

Gordon, please step down now, before 71 or more MPs get the security round to throw you out on your ass. Hold on to the few shreds of dignity you can.

Monday 1 June 2009

Why Won't Gordon Brown Just Leave?

Stand down or call for an election god dammit!

"He said that he was determined to "clean up" the political system before the country went to the polls again while at the same time leading Britain out of recession."

For fuck sake, the people don't want YOU to. Call for an election and let the people decide who they would like to be in charge.

At the end of the day, its got nothing to do with a desire to fix our country, or to restore faith in MPs after all of the scandals! It's to do with this: Labour are more popular then the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, delaying holding an election is just pissing the public off. It's not reassuring people that the country is going to be fixed, its reassuring people the 'democracy' they live in is being run by an un-elect ape.

I wonder what the odds on Gorgon being PM for as long as legally possible are. Hmm.

Friday 29 May 2009

Goodbye Elliot Morley

Minister of being an Ugly Cunt...

~£16,000 claims for a non-existent mortgage, was not such a little mistake! Thank god he is leaving.

What is really surprising me about all of this is how far MPs are from real life in the U.K. It is how they look at £16,000 as a little mistake on their expenses (as an example, a lot of them have been doing it!) which is ridiculus. a £16,000 mistake? in reality there are people trying to scrape by earning around that same amount, I bet they don't see that much money as something that could be an accident.

Imagine that, getting a five figure sum of money that your not meant to be getting! I'd be chuffed!

MPs need a massive injection of reality directly into their penny grabbing arms.

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Jacqui Smith is headed to court!

That's right, they're fucking on to you!


We should all raise our glasses to Anthony Weaver for filling out the relevant paper work to make the thief account for what she has done!

BBC: "Mr Weaver, 62, said he wanted to prosecute Ms Smith under Section 2 (1) of the Fraud Act 2006."

Good Times.

Saturday 23 May 2009

John Wicks

All there is to say:

Good job fine sir :-)

Tuesday 19 May 2009

MPs appear to be Siderodromophobic (scared of trains)

There should be a rule about second home allowances that if an MPs first home is near a tube station, HE SHOULD FUCKING USE IT. Are MPs to good for the tube? This is the second or third story i've read where an MP, in this case John Austin, has claimed thousands of pounds to save 30 minutes of sitting on the tube. A large majority of the public use the tube, why can't MPs?

I can see why they wouldn't want to use it right now during all of this, but if they weren't theiving bastards, then they wouldn't feel like they might get attacked on the underground.

The nice point about John Austin's story is how he used expenses to refurbish it then sell it on for profit.