Saturday 25 July 2009

Topical Rantings

It has been a while...

In the space of a week formula 2 driver Henry Surtees dies after being hit on the head by a rogue tyre... and formula 1's Felipa Massa got hit on the head by debris causes him to lose consciousness and crash... At first I was really against closed cockpit vehicles, it would just be a completely different sport. But two freak accidents in a week? Once is an occurence, Twice is notable, Three times is a pattern... Fingers crossed Max Mosley is next to get hit on the head by a broken car.

Moving on!

Going to keep this one short, by election results are just more evidence people want Gorgon out.

Stop having ago at Jeremy Clarkson everytime he calls Gordon Brown a cunt, its fact for fuck sake.

Also in the news?
Katie Price and Peter Andre? fuck off.
Kerry Katona and Mark nobody? fuck off.
Michael Jacksons doctor? fuck off.
Swine flu? fuck off

The list goes on...

On the note of swine flu, read a witty comment the other day: (this applies to uni students!)
"freshers week will be like a festival to aid the spread of swine flu" scarily correct me thinks.

Final note. Can we have a little riot outside Downing Street until the unelect fat scottish one resigns.

Pretty please :-]

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